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Bluebird Estate Sales LLC

Springfield's Estate Sale Company of Choice

A professionally staged estate sale will sell more, sell faster, and sell for higher prices. This is what we do, where we shine, and what sets us apart from the competition.  We deliver sales that are curated and merchandised in a way that other estate sale companies just don't do. There is a balance between how quickly an estate sale is set up and how well an estate sale is set up.  We have truly mastered this balance and promise to deliver a solution that will provide you with peace of mind.

Our processes are exceptionally fine tuned.  We focus on the factors that have huge impacts on the bottom line:

  • Organization

  • Retail-level staging

  • Curated Merchandising

  • Fair Market Pricing

  • Specialized Advertising

  • Superior Customer Service


Our Background

Mom & Daughter A Team Approach

Transplanted from California we each have backgrounds in education and a passion for anything creative. 

Specific to this industry, we have over 20 years of combined experience.  We have produced hundreds of successful estate sales here in our Queen City.  We know this area and we know what customers and top-buyers want and expect when shopping estate sales.  We are meticulously organized and exceptionally conscientious about the product we deliver.  Your Southwest Missouri liquidation needs couldn't be in more capable hands. 


Our Turn-Key Process

Comprehensive Focus & Diligent Effort

Let Bluebird Estate Sales LLC do all the work during your transition.  Liquidation under any circumstance can be overwhelming and exceptionally time consuming.  Allow us to take on the weight of the process.  We will manage every aspect of the estate sale literally from beginning to end, providing you freedom and time to focus on other areas.

We are immensely respectful of each relationship we build with our clients, their homes, and their personal belongings.  By entrusting us with your lifetime of collected treasures, we will be diligent in our efforts and promise an honest, fully transparent, and professional service. 

We provide everything needed for the set up and sale. We will sift, sort, clean, stage, research, advertise and price.  These focused processes help ensure a profitable return for your estate.

Free Consultation & Contract Review

Estate Sale Interview & Analysis

When your ready, this is a time that we will meet with you at the home, get acquainted, and determine your needs.  We will walk through the home to look at and discuss the items to be sold.  This is also the time to identify and make note of any items that are on site but may not be part of the sellable inventory.  During this time we can discuss details of the contract as well as any questions you may have.  Our contracted rates are very competitive and well worth the service we provide.  With us, you are truly getting more.

Please note: a lower commission rate does not equate to more money in your pocket.  Estate sale companies are not made equally and do not provide the same level of service or produce the same level of results.  Companies eagerly willing to sacrifice their bottom line will surely not be as concerned with yours. 

 Organize & Set Up

Curated Boutique Staging & Merchandising

There are many factors that contribute to the success of an estate sale and proper organization, staging, and merchandising have huge impacts on the bottom line.  Like we said, this is where we shine!  We will do a proper sift and sort and then begin to curate and merchandise items in a way that is thoughtfully presented and will appeal to a wide audience.  Our designers have a keen eye for quality and a knack for setting the perfect stage.  Our attendees are always engaged and inspired and we are constantly receiving  compliments on our efforts throughout a sale.  This focused effort generates a magnitude of interest and yields higher profits than items laid flat on a surface, table or counter as is common at other sales.

 Research & Pricing

Estate Appraiser - Network of Specialists

We have an exceptional amount of experience in research and pricing, and also just a "gut" for it.  We are very familiar and up to date with what's trending and what the local market value is for these items.  Our research process is thorough, we will have a complete understanding of each and every item in your inventory.  Our owner is working toward becoming a certified appraiser and will complete this in 2021. Pricing is a critical aspect that can make or break the success of an estate sale.  We always practice fair local market pricing.  This ensures that we keep the confidence of our buyers and that items sell quickly.

Hosting A Sale & After

Presentation  Atmosphere & The Hats

Hosting a sale can be a lot to take on, you wear many different hats during the day and you are responsible for ensuring that everyone is satisfied.  We have hosted many sales and we are very familiar with all of the hats! (Parking lot attendant, cashier, logistical coordinator, salesperson, equipment tester, final decision maker, furniture mover, housekeeping, expert negotiator, auctioneer). 

By this time we have ensured that all items are clean, that each item is marked with a price, and that the overall layout of the sale is safe and functional.  We will have set the perfect stage for shoppers to feel welcome, excited, and inspired to shop. 

During the sale, we also take time to feature and present items to social media and online markets to gain further attention for the sale and feature special items. We are also constantly re-staging and re-positioning to keep the sale feeling organized and fresh. 

After the sale, we promise to have proceeds in the mail within 10 business days. In most cases, much sooner. 


Customer Testimonials

Honest & Real Reviews From Facebook & Google

"Melissa is a wonderful person, she handles all of your things as if they were her very own. The best thing about an estate sale company is honesty. Bluebird is just that! Extremely honest and caring! Highly recommend!! A++++Company"

Kerrie Riddle

"Look no further if your looking for a company that embodies honesty, integrity, and compassion to help you deal with the pain and duress of disposing of recently lost loved ones property.  I cannot praise this woman enough for the outstanding results she achieved in such a short period of time.  She is very down to earth and you will feel like family by the end of the process.  Most of all she keeps her word".

Dan Gardner

"LOVE their estate sales!! They are always so clean and neat, super organized and very fair pricing!"

Mary Margaret Mcllwain Thompson


Please Contact us!

Bluebird Estate Sales LLC is committed to the success of each and every project we take on.  We would love the opportunity to provide our service to you.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments that you may have.  We are also committed to being your go to source for vintage and one of a kind shopping.  Give us a call or send us a message today.

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